MOMC is a real estate developer based in Vancouver, Canada with a commitment to building communities for all generations. Established in 2010, we are on our way to shaping our vision of bringing people together in our residences, with uncompromising attention to quality and detail. Our goal is to show what it means to be an integral part of the neighbourhood and redefine a true sense of community living in the twenty-first century.

Development Philosophy

We believe in creating value for our residents by demanding excellence in quality and uniting people, from young growing families to seniors, in our multigenerational master-planned WholeLife Communities.

MOMC Canada: Museum of Modern Collections

At MOMC Canada, we are building a collection of projects inspired by a vision of bringing people together with exceptional quality and curated amenities that will become part of the history of progressive development around the world. Our icon, MOMC Canada, reminds us that with each project, we are renewing our passion for creating a positive impact in our communities.

Our Vision

Our model for multigenerational community living is an innovative approach that supports people at any stage of life through a balance of building elements, curated amenities, and modern technologies. When we build for all generations, we are creating “WholeLife Communities” that gives precedent to keeping families connected and fostering healthy aging in place.

WholeLife Communities

A home is a lifetime investment. Our communities are designed to represent a diverse and changing demographic of residents who can live connected within the same neighbourhood.

Whether you are single, a growing family, or well into retirement, we offer a range of residential housing options with curated amenities and services that promote active lifestyles while keeping you in the comforts of your own home. Residents can rest assured knowing they have invested in a community that will thrive for generations.



When we commit to excellence, it shows in our results. From the quality of our homes to our market success, we deliver on our promises.


We take an unwavering approach to quality to ensure we are leaders in progressive urban planning and integrate modern ideas that will make a positive impact on the lives of our residents.


We celebrate diversity, integrity, and transparency in our staff. We work closely with our neighbours to ensure we can all benefit from our developments, to create better homes.


We build spaces with people in mind. Whether you are single, a growing family, or well into retirement, we offer social connection, well-being, and a vibrant lifestyle all within the same thriving neighbourhood.


We look after our residents and our surrounding community with exceptional building elements and curated amenities that support people at any stage of life.


We are in it for the long run! We are creating an everlasting legacy and fostering relationships within the communities we build.